KAISER BEAR is a multimedia production house that specializes in photo and motion shoots.

Founded by Director / DP  Justin SchaefersKaiser Bear aims to take the fashion and commercial world to the next level. With years of experience working alongside some of the top names in the fashion and motion world, Justin has honed his skills in lighting and composition to bring forth some exciting new work for commercial & entertainment clients including: BOSE, BUDLIGHT, DELTA, Equinox, Descente, E Network, Bravo, TNT, FOX and working with the top models in Fashion including, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Lucky Blue Smith, just to name a few. Later this year Justin will be releasing his first film entitled “The Expendables: Expired” a mockumentary look at what the “American Dream” looks like for someone who has spent the last 30 years as a mercenary for hire. “You think killing people is hard, Try Making the Perfect Crust” Starring Peter Onorati (Civil Wars, Good Fellas, and This is Us) and Mindy Sterling (The Austin Powers Films).